Available 7 days a week.

Hassle-free refueling at competitive prices.

Full Service Fueling

Nulton Aviation Services is dedicated to providing pilots with clean, quality aviation fuel at a competitive price. Refueling personnel are NATA trained and ready to provide fuel in a safe and efficient manner.

Scheduled fueling hours is: 7am - 11 pm, 7 days a week.

For assistance during scheduled fueling hours call: (814) 254-2421.

For assistance during non-scheduled fueling hours call: (814) 254-2425.

Government contract fuel is available.


Fuel Specifications

Brand: EPIC Aviation

Current fuel prices are:
100LL Avgas: $5.30per gallon
Jet A: $4.72 per gallon
Jet A w/Prist: $4.80 per gallon