Whether you're interested in flying as a career or a hobby,

Nulton offers pilot training that meets your needs.

Flight Training

Nulton Aviation Services is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified Pilot School. We meet strict guidelines approved by the FAA in curriculum, standardization, instructors, equipment, maintenance and facilities.

We offer a range of training programs for people who want to fly as a career, and for those interested in flying as a hobby. Visit the pages below to learn more.

  • FAA Certified Pilot School -- This non-degree program provides the opportunity for people who have always been interested in flying to get a private pilot's license, along with additional pilot ratings and certifications. 
  • Collegiate Professional Pilot Program -- Offered in partnership with Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, this two-year program allows you to earn a Professional Pilot Associate of Science degree that includes the following pilot certifications:

    • Private Pilot Certification
    • Instrument Rating
    • Commercial Pilot Rating
    • Flight Instructor Certification


If you have questions about pilot training with Nulton Aviation Services, we'd be happy to speak with you. Call us at (814) 361-3500.